Campus Life

HISAE Japanese Language School

By interacting with classmates and local people, and joining events and activities to deepen your understanding of Japan, the time you spend at HISAE Japanese Language School will become your valuable asset.

Annual Schedule

There are lots of fun events throughout the year, such as sushi-making experience, Japanese culture experience, overnight field trip, local festivals and events.

First Term |April–June



[Specified Skills (2 years), General (1 year)]
Entrance Ceremony / Medical Check-up / Police Lecture



Field trip / Evacuation Drills

Local Events:

Midorigaoka Park Festival / Northern Horse Park Marathon



Cultural experience (1)

Second Term |July–September



overnight field trip

Local Events:

Tomakomai Art Festival / Tarumaezan Shrine Festival



Cultural experience (2)

Local Events:

Tomakomai Port Festival



Work Experience

Local Events:

Tarumae san Festival

Third Term |October–December



[Specified Skills (18 months)]
Entrance Ceremony / Medical Check-up / Police Lecture
[All] Field Trip

Local Events:

Tomakomai Fishing Port Spisula sachalinensis Festival



Evacuation Drills / Cultural Experience (3)

Local Events:

Cosplay (Costume) Festival



Year-End Party

Fourth Term |January–March



Cultural Experience (4)



Field Trip

Local Events:

Tomakomai Skating Festival / Citizen Snow Sculpture Contest



Graduation Ceremony

Time Table

Classes are divided into a morning and an afternoon session.
There are 4 classes of 45 minutes in each session.

  Morning class Afternoon class
1st period 09:00–09:45 13:20–14:05
2nd period 09:50–10:35 14:10–14:55
3rd period 10:45–11:30 15:05–15:50
3th period 11:35–12:20 15:55–16:40


Fully furnished, including home appliances and bedding necessary for daily life.
You can walk or take a bicycle to school or a part-time job.
You can spend a fulfilling study abroad life in a convenient living environment.


  Double occupancy:
2 people per bedroom
Private room:
One person per bedroom
Move-in fee ¥30,000 ¥30,000
Administrative expense ¥10,000 ¥10,000
Insurance ¥5,000 ¥5,000
Rent ¥20,000×6 months ¥25,000×6 months
Total ¥165,000 ¥195,000

(Including Tax)

*Utility costs, Wi-Fi fee not included, pay for actual cost.
*Please pay the fee for 6 months in a lump sum.
*Toilet, bathroom, kitchen, and living room are shared.
*Please discuss with the school staff if you wish to use a single room.

Full Support System

Teachers and school staff will support you from the heart to ensure that you experience a fulfilled and meaningful study abroad life in Japan.
If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to ask us.

Living Support

We will fully support you from providing transportation from the airport assisting with administrative procedures at City Hall as well as various service processes, so please do not worry if this is the first time you live in Japan.

  1. (1)Preparing suitable accommodation for living and studying
  2. (2)Transportation service from the airport
  3. (3)Assistance with the procedures at City Hall
    (Resident registration, enrollment in National Health insurance etc.)
  4. (4)Assistance with mobile phone contract
  5. (5)Assistance with opening of a bank account
  6. (6)Assistance with visiting a hospital for illness or injury
  7. (7)Counseling in case of any problems
  8. (8)Providing part-time job information

Support for Part-time job

International students are allowed to work part-time for up to 28 hours a week.
We will provide information about part-time jobs. Feel free to ask us.

Floor staff at a restaurant

Kitchen staff at a restaurant

Housekeeping at a hotel

Staff at a convenience store

Academic Support

Based on the career counseling after you have enrolled, we will provide detailed guidance.
If you have any concerns or worries about learning Japanese, or if you want to prepare for the exam,
we are always happy to help you.

  1. (1)Classroom teacher system,
    and regular individual interviews with your teacher.
  2. (2)Preparation of lessons for examinations,
    last-minute prep-exam lessons outside the class.
  3. (3)Supplementary lessons as needed
  4. (4)Individual counseling about the courses
  5. (5)Scholarship program

School Building


School Building


Lobby garden




Computer room




Reception room


Free space


Staff room



About Tomakomai City, Hokkaido

Tomakomai, where HISAE Japanese Language School is located, is the fourth largest city in Hokkaido.
It has a blessed environment where convenient urban functions and abundant nature coexist.
Even if you come to Japan for the first time, you can live without any worries.


Great transport access from New Chitose Airport, the gateway to Hokkaido

Tomakomai City is located approximately 30 minutes by car from New Chitose Airport, which connects Hokkaido with the world, and approximately 70 minutes by highway from Sapporo, the largest city in Hokkaido. There are also good services by railroad and intercity express buses. From Tomakomai Port, ferries also connect the city with various places outside Hokkaido. Tomakomai city has excellent land, air, and sea access.

City rich in nature surrounded by the sea, mountains and lakes

Tomakomai city faces the sea, so you can always enjoy fresh seafood. Nature is also nearby and includes Mt. Tarumae, which is popular among climbers and Lake Utonai, which is famous for birdwatching.

Lots of fun local events

There are many events throughout the year, such as the Tomakomai Port Festival, which has a history of more than 60 years, and the Tomakomai Cosplay (Costume) Festa, where Manga anime fans gather. Take the chance to join in and interact with local people.