About us

Japanese Language School

HISAE Japanese Language School is run by a company that operates restaurant businesses in Hokkaido. Taking advantage of our experience with the hiring of many foreign employees, we will do our best to support foreigners who wish to “learn Japanese and work in Japan.”

Our Features

We strongly support your
job-hunting activities in Japan.

In addition to teaching the Japanese language, we also provide the necessary information on finding a job in Japan. We support every individual student with detailed advice until they find a job.

We provide a special curriculum to obtain the Specified Skilled Worker visa.

There is a special curriculum aimed to qualify students to obtain the “Specified Skilled Worker (i)” (food service industry) visa. If you have this visa, you may work in Japan for up to 5 years.

You will have many opportunities to interact with local people and companies.

There are some extracurricular classes where you can participate in local festivals, interact with local residents, and experience the culture of Japan and Hokkaido. You will also visit local companies and take lectures taught by foreign employees.

Newly established school building with state-of-the-art equipment such as computer room.

The school building with its sophisticated design is equipped with the latest facilities, providing a great learning environment.

History of establishment

HISAE Japanese Language School is run by Hisaebisu Corp. which operates restaurant businesses in Hokkaido. Hisaebisu Corp. is a company with a history of more than 60 years operating 10 conveyor belt sushi restaurants mainly in Tomakomai city, Hokkaido.

At Hisaebisu, we have hired many foreign employees, and we have seen how foreigners can play an active role in the workplace if they understand the local culture and customs, and can communicate in Japanese. Therefore, we established HISAE Japanese Language School with the hope of nurturing human resources who can play an active role in companies and society through Japanese language education.

We hope that international students will interact actively with residents living in Tomakomai and learn practical Japanese. We also hope them to consider their own future, and achieve their goals and dreams while visiting Japanese companies and learning about careers.

Expectations of foreign human resources are increasing in Japan now. We wish that they will apply what they have learned at HISAE Japanese Language School and play an active role in Japanese companies and society.

Minoru Hatanaka
Hisaebisu Corp.

Educational Philosophy

To nurture human resources who can play an active role in companies and society through Japanese language education and interactions in local communities.
To cultivate Japanese communication skills with which each student can realize their own potential.

Educational Goals


The Ability to communicate in Japanese

We will nurture students’ ability to communicate appropriately in Japanese to accommodate the situation and the other party.


The ability to think about a career

We will develop students’ ability to think about their own future careers through interactions in local communities and companies.


Japanese language ability required for business

While providing students a deeper understanding of Japanese culture, society and customs, we nurture their Japanese language ability as required in the business field.

Message from the Principal

HISAE Japanese Language School Hokkaido Tomakomai
Keiko Igarashi

HISAE Japanese Language School Hokkaido Tomakomai is the best school that can help you fulfill your desire to work for a Japanese company. We provide programs where you will have various experiences, and we trust that every one of you will be happy about your decision to come to Japan.
Tomakomai city is being developed as an industrial hub city in Hokkaido, and the number of foreigners working here has been increasing year by year. There are opportunities to attend lectures by cooperate employees and foreign employees who are already working at Japanese companies.
Studying abroad may be a short period of time in your long life; however, it definitely is an important time that will affect your future. We hope that you will leverage the Japanese language skills you learned at HISAE Japanese Language School to play an active role in Japan and the world.

Teachers and Staff

All teachers and staff will do our best to support you to have a wonderful study abroad life in Tomakomai City, Hokkaido! We are looking forward to studying with you at HISAE Japanese Language School.


2F, 4-1-17, Wakakusa-cho, Tomakomai, Hokkaido, 053-0021
Approximately 70 minutes by car (highway) from Sapporo 
Approximately 30 minutes by car from New Chitose Airport